BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NEWS Summer Issue Interview with Arthur Y. Webb for His New Book “Honorable Profession: My Years of Public Service”

Arthur Webb recently published a book titled, Honorable Profession: My Years in Public Service. Mr. Webb prepared responses to questions that colleagues and interested readers have asked him about the book. Mr. Webb’s previous book was published in January 2022 titled, Dangling on a String: The Future of Public Policy for the Field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities […]

Widespread distrust in government is unfair to public servants

To the Editor:The Capital Region owes much of its vitality and stability to the presence of state government and the public servants who keep the wheels turning. For 20 years in New York State government, I worked with hundreds of people who were dedicated, ethical, and skilled in their fields.However, I am quite concerned that […]

Age Diversity

APRIL 2022 Our society has accepted the idea that older people have a pronounced and influential effect on the economy, the country, and the workplace.    Studies bear this out. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review prompted me to write this commentary. “Harnessing the Power of Age Diversity: Generational identity should be a source of […]

Lessons Learned from Senior Executives of Human Service Agencies over the past 20 months.

Who is in charge? Over the last 20 months, chief executives of human service agencies were faced with unprecedented crisis. The twin epidemics of the tragic consequences of COVID-19, with the resultant massive disruption in services and financial instability, tested these executives in untold ways.Seldom do we have a chance to peer into the thinking […]

The Business of Caring, The Art of Caring

A CEO’s Perspective on Encounters with Daily Challenges CEOs are humans. They are not deities, miracle workers, or “masters of the universe.” There are no special, secret schools where CEOs are turned out. While proud of hard-earned advanced degrees – masters and higher – they all learn the hard way through the well-known “school of […]