Declaration of the Independence and the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Independence Day Statement, 2021, by Arthur Y. Webb

What do the principles set fourth in the Declaration of Independence mean for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities? How would the current OPWDD 5.07 planning process enhance the opportunities for individuals to achieve their potential and level of independence?

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Lessons Learned from Senior Executives of Human Services Agencies Over the Past 20 Months. Arthur Webb

Behavioral Health News

Who is in charge? Over the last 20 months, chief executives of human service agencies were faced with unprecedented crisis. The twin epidemics of the tragic consequences of COVID-19, with the resultant massive disruption in services and financial stability, tested these executives in untold ways.

Seldom do we have the chance to peer into the thinking of chief executives, but using lessons learned we get an inside view of how chief executives of NYIN* managed during the pandemic and the problems it wrought. While these providers head multi-service agencies serving multiple constituents, the focus for the article is related to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Leaders were confronted with an unprecedented situation, with no easy answers in the leadership playbook. There was little room or time to think; this was a clarion call for action. CEOs knew the calamity would get worse before getting better.

An interesting lesson surfaced, one hardly ever in the forefront: The value of peer-leader support. Several executives agreed that: Thankfully, we have peers at NYIN who are like-minded and care deeply for the mission, the people we serve and the staff who provide the supports and oversight.

Existential threat: There is no question that human services faces an existential threat in which basic order was thrown in to uncertainty, and the safety of both the individuals receiving services and their staff was undermined.